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Letter From the President

Hello and welcome to the best four years of your life!

      When I first arrived to UCR, it never even crossed my mind that I would one day join a sorority. I was not the “type”. I continued the same routine I had for years, delving into my studies and  playing volleyball, however, I quickly found out that university life was significantly different from high school. I was on a campus with thousands of people, several of which I knew from growing up locally, but I felt disconnected. With help from other women on my volleyball club team, I quickly learned tips on how to survive college,become more independent, and find resources to support my passions. These amazing strong women were my first role models on campus and helped me start to feel connected. They were always there for me and eventually I began to wonder how did these women found their support system. For two of my teammates, they were in a sorority. These women were from different chapters, but they demonstrated strong values and a lifetime sisterhood. What I saw in them were women who were just like me, that wanted to make a positive footprint in our world. So at the last minute, I decide I wanted to go through the formal recruitment and eventually I truly found my sisters for life.

       My name is Liliana Lopez and I am the Panhellenic President of 2019. UCR Panhellenic consist of seven different chapters on campus that have their own unique values, traditions, and philanthropies. In order to provide the right support system and relationship between chapters, I will be working with eight other well-rounded women on the Panhellenic Executive Board. Our goal is to spread an understanding about Panhellenic entails and how being a part of this sisterhood provides a network of women from multiple generations that expands across the nations. The Panhellenic community is extremely diverse and we all have something to offer.

      No matter where you are in life, you can always find a sister to help support you in your goals. Together we can build something so much bigger than ourselves as individuals which will allow us to create a better future for all.


      Indeed, each one of us have our own personal journey we must take, but when you are with Panhellenic you represent all chapter letters and realize you are not alone. My Panhellenic community is my family.



Liliana Lopez

Panhellenic President